Saturday, 18 September 2010

Review: Fitflop Mukluk from fitness footwear

I’m very honored to have been sent these Mukluk boots by fitnessfootwear

They came in the official fitflop box and packaging 

These boots are so comfortable and have a toning effect not to mention are
great for straightening out bad posture! These boots have so many benefits
to them that I’ve already thrown away my old “normal” black boots!
For those not familiar with fitflop, let me explain.  The
Fitflop range of shoes
are not only stylish but also have an added toning effect to your bum, legs
and can also help shift cellulite. The shoe range works by adding resistance
to the sole of the shoe that forces your feet to work harder when

On top of the toning bonus these boots also offer health benefits and fitflop
shoes have been proven to aid health complainants such as psoriasis and back problems. They also help to correct bad posture (instead of creating it like some boots) as the microboard in the sole evens out the pressure placed on your soles through walking and distributes it evenly. 

  These boots are so effective that you are advised to ease slowly into them so your body can readjust to the new sole.


Let’s move on from the technical stuff as health and toning benefits aside these Mukluk boots look and feel amazing!

They are the classic winter boot design being short enough to dress up with tights and a dress but are also wide enough to tuck jeans and leggings into. They also have sheepskin inside and the soles are treated with an antibacterial solution to keep them fresh and germ free. I’ve found them really comfortable to wear and have started off wearing them for 2 hours a day as I intend to wear them for work which is about 8-9 hours! These boots will be perfect for work as they are not only comfortable but smart too and really warm which will be great when the cold weather hits in. Plus they have been treated making them water resistant. The label on the Fitflop Mukluk boots advises you what to do if they get soaking wet so they will be looking like new again. 

These boots were a massive hit last year and are set to be huge again this winter so you best hurry and buy them before they sell out! I have the black pair but they also come in a rich chocolate brown

I’m really looking forward to seeing the benefits of wearing them daily at work so will be doing a follow up review to let you know if I can see any improvement to my bum, legs and posture.


Audrey Allure said...

Haha it's cute they named the sole "Wobble Board" - they look like the shape up version for uggs lol

Fenny said...

Great boots!

Stylelover said...

Amazing boots! I want them too

Caitlin said...

Cute! I really like them!

Jen said...

They sure do look really comfortable!

janettaylor said...

Remind me of UGG!

vdcouture said...

nice!! they should've been more comfy than the uggs <3


daisychain said...

Wow, I kind of love these

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i really like these in black. hope the toning methods truly work.

Cucu said...

I did never see them before but I kinda like them. :) They are perfect for the upcoming fall/winter season!

Are you interested in following each others site?


Punctuation Mark said...

that is so cool that they sent that to you... i love those types of boots!!!

becka said...

really nice boots!

Sher said...

Oh, they look darn comfy and sorta similar to uggs! Hope you're having a bearable monday lol!

p.s. My shoes were from a local brand here called Vincci, I love them to bits:)

Fé... said...

Hmmmm.... interesting!

Fatiha Faulzi said...

Loving the DvF dress!