Friday, 11 September 2009

Steal Her Style : Vanessa Hudgens JJ winters zip bag

This girl must own all the bags that JJ Winters makes - i'm so Jealous. Zips are meant to be huge come fall so i'm lusting after this bag:

Available from for £360.00

I love bunnyhug as it offers free shipping and they dispatch items really quick and i hate waiting! Whats your favourite brand of bag?


it's not her, it's me. said...

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The Siu Jiat said...

Yep i know what you mean! Cos i'm having the same problem too. That webby i got the pics from - it doesnt do shipping to AUS as well. Frustrating isnt it?

Nice bag! Love the many zips on it! Marc by Marc Jacobs has got a watch-necklace in the shape of a zip - very nice as well. Should match well with that bag!

Glowing Doll said...

This is a very cool bag, I especially like the way it hangs.

Emma Louise Layla said...

I never normally like tan, but I really like this.

AMIT said...

Yes i love the bag and outfit.

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