Thursday, 10 September 2009

Trend Tracker - Big Earrings

Now i dont often remember to wear earrings and when i do i usually loose them! I love this trend though! Since 80's style has made a big comeback it makes sense that these big earrings make an appearance and every catwalk from Zac Posen to Louis Vuitton:


Plus all the major celebs have been wearing them:


Here's my tips for this trend:

* Longer or thin faces do best with dangle earrings which bell at the bottom to create width

Peacocks - £8

*Round or fuller faces fare better with oblong earrings that create the illusion of less facial fullness.

Topshop - £18

Women with a small or receding chin should opt for shorter earrings that brings the eye up.

New Look - £8

Designer Lust - Teardrop Pearl & Crystal Earrings Mawi - £122.00

I'm not quite sure i could justifiy over £100 on earrings though. What do you think of this trend?