Thursday, 10 September 2009

Trend Tracker - Big Earrings

Now i dont often remember to wear earrings and when i do i usually loose them! I love this trend though! Since 80's style has made a big comeback it makes sense that these big earrings make an appearance and every catwalk from Zac Posen to Louis Vuitton:


Plus all the major celebs have been wearing them:


Here's my tips for this trend:

* Longer or thin faces do best with dangle earrings which bell at the bottom to create width

Peacocks - £8

*Round or fuller faces fare better with oblong earrings that create the illusion of less facial fullness.

Topshop - £18

Women with a small or receding chin should opt for shorter earrings that brings the eye up.

New Look - £8

Designer Lust - Teardrop Pearl & Crystal Earrings Mawi - £122.00

I'm not quite sure i could justifiy over £100 on earrings though. What do you think of this trend?


Maria Confer said...

I love big chandelier earrings!! So glamorous.

Thanks for the sweet comment.

Indy said...

I love your blog! All the advice is great! I can't believe your mom actually knew the Beatles! How cool!

Sophie said...

Oh my goodness, how brilliant are those louis vuitton earrings! very cool. xo

The Siu Jiat said...

Hi there! Those earrings are gorgeous! I'm a huge fan of accessories ;) i'm a necklace lover too - i just uploaded pics of the Juicy Couture Engagement Ring necklace & the matching bracelet which i like heaps! Check it out :) Hope u'll like them too... n thanks for the comment! :D

Aya Smith said...

Great advice! Very well thought out ^_^
I think Hillary Duff is the prettiest little thing... haha

Sher said...

Oh I love this trend of wearing BIG earrings, I have a lot of those in my collection:)

Sweet blog, my dear!

Meg said...

Hi Missy! What a fun blog, and thank you for commenting on mine! Though I'm not that much of a fashionista (unless we're talking corsets, granny boots, and bustle skirts!), I adore dangle earrings. I have a rounder face, and get many compliments on a pair of earrings I wear that are longer and dangly ... great fashion tips -- may inspire me to stop shlepping in jeans!