Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Workout Out Wednesday : Rebecca Louise

A new series to my blog (no I'm not getting paid for these posts! i will always clearly mark a post that i get paid to write!) . Yes since I've had a baby I've actually had to work to get in shape! With all the new workouts out there, it is actually FUN to workout now!

My current favourite is to mix up lots of different workouts so i always keep my body guessing. 

Let me introduce you to Rebecca Louise:

 She is a fellow Brit living in California and she offers advice and tips on everything from fitness, nutrition and lifestyle tips. 

I love the monthly workout calendar that she offers that has all the workouts you need to do each month already mapped out for you! 

You can view her workouts for free either on her website or on her youtube channel.

The nutrition program comes at a price and can be purchased here.

 Does anyone here do Rebecca's workouts? I'd love to hear from you!

Time for some workout wear to die for  from Netaporter

And my post wouldn't be complete without a little look at how the celebs are wearing it!