Friday, 15 April 2011

Review: Panache Angie Basque and briefs from Lingerieplease

The wonderful people at Lingerie Please have treated me to one of their many gorgeous Panache underwear sets.

 I’ve always had a problem with lingerie. I completely adore it and would fill my dresser with beautiful sets and silky fabrics however I HATE walking round department stores deciding which ones to buy then trying to find it in my size and getting it home to find the briefs fit but not the bra! I think that’s why I always talk myself out of buying the really indulgent items as I know how much of an ordeal it will become to get it home and to fit.

 All this is behind me now with I picked what I liked from there site, entered in my sizes and voila! Perfectly fitting and beautifully well-made lingerie delivered straight to my door.  I adore the set too!
The Panache Angie Basque is the most comfortable item of underwear I have ever owned. It makes me feel like a princess! It is well constructed and offers a lot of support without being too restrictive or uncomfortable. The wire is flexible yet sturdy offering support but also allowing your body to move freely with no restrictions.

The shape this Basque creates reminds me of the Victoria era with the elegant hour glass silhouette.  It makes clothes fall beautifully over it and helps create the “nipped in waist” that we all dream about having without spending hours at the gym. The straps are fixed meaning you know they won’t go flying across the room or catch on your outfit plus they are adjustable to ensure a perfect fit. The material on the outside has delicate black lace on it which doesn’t show through your clothes and the inner material is wonderfully soft against your skin making it a dream to wear. The Basque sits on your hips which helps flatter one of my problem areas – my stomach! I love the length of this as it isn’t so short that your midriff is freezing but isn’t so long that it obscures the briefs.

 I adore these Panache Angie Brief I’m really finicky when buying them as I don’t want hipsters but I wouldn’t wear a full brief either. I like a high leg but not obscenely high plus I am very sensitive to what material I wear. As you can see I’m very picky! Surprisingly enough these briefs tick all the right boxes. The delicate lace on the front is soft so doesn’t irritate the skin, plus it brings a really romantic feel to the item. The cut of the briefs means they sit just above my hips without being a full brief and as for the back of the brief – wow! It really flatters your bum without compromising on the material there. I’m amazed at how well these fit as my biggest issue with that I have wide hips but a small waist so I never seem to be able to get them to sit correctly.

The set only costs £27.97as its £19.99 for the Basque and £7.99 for the briefs. The briefs are so cost effective that I will be buying the next size down ready for when I hit the gym in the summer. The delivery speed was unreal as I only finalised what I wanted Friday morning and they arrived at my door first thing on Saturday! Delivery only costs £2.95 as well and only £8 for overseas. If you place your order before 4pm and the items are in stock then your order is dispatched the same day!

If you need any help, then just contact their customer services and they’ll be happy to help you.