Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Hot this Week: Do you Tweed?

Of course Chanel springs to mind! I've always had an obsession with there tweed jackets and yet i don't actually own anything tweed.

 On the Runway
Chanel 2009


 Marc Jacobs

 On Celebs

(yes it IS the Chanel one!)




steufel said...

Chanel is the real deal!

Bonnie said...

Who doesn't love Chanel tweed?!?!?!?!?!
(Now following.)


Jess said...

Absolutely love Chanel's tweed jackets. I actually ran across one on someones blog yesterday that I fell in love with.


Vanilla said...

I love tweeds! I have never had a tweed jacket but own tweed skirts and dresses, they are so nice and warm in winter :)


Juliet said...

The Chanel tweed is a real classic! I really love them too, though at the moment I don't know hoe they would fit into my style.

juliet xxx

daisychain said...

I dont own any tweed but I do love it!

Imogen said...

I love tweed. I wish I had more of it in my wardrobe. A gorgeous tweed jacket would be perfect.

janettaylor said...

I am crazy for the tweed!


Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Very perfect post :)*

Jen said...

So lovely! I really need something tweed in my wardrobe.

Mika said...

I love tweed!
You forgot about Isabel Marant's tweed:P

blorange dice said...

ooo, i want that edun jacket!! and that picture of the chanel models is lovely

Anna G said...

I want something tweed now. There is store that sells some jackets for a pretty good price or find one in goodwill.

Josie said...

I absolutely ADORE tweed jackets -- you're right; they're so Chanel-inspired! Very chic.
xo Josie

catwalk criminal said...

i'd love to enter the giveaway ♥

i'm following with google!