Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Designer Delights: Pringle of Scotland

I always forget about this designer and then when i see a piece of there fabulous knitwear i fall in love with it again!

What are your favourite brands?


Vanilla said...

I love Pringle Knitwear! Just wish i could afford more of it :)

Love, Vanilla


Sammi said...

Pringle always has such amazing items.

Emily said...

I love that top pic!

Thank you for commenting on my blog:)
Love Emily, xx

steufel said...

I think my fav is Armani - unfortunatly I cannot afford to be dressed in it head to toe:-)

ediot said...

great post darling. i love pringle of scotland.

janettaylor said...

I am a huge fan of Pringle of Scotland!


burcu d. said...

never heard of this brand before, thanks for the tip!

acne is one of my favorte brands!!

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Dee O. said...

GORGEOUS! I had never heard of Pringle of Scotland before, thank you!!


Becky Regina said...

It looks like an awesome brand !

The Style Rawr said...

Got to love the classics!

I'm currently loving JC/DC. Not so classic ;)

J x

Nic Nic said...

Pringle has very classy knit wear!

VildesVerden said...

I had totally forgotten it exsisted! Thanks for reminding me.
Happy sunday