Saturday, 6 November 2010

Review: Silver pump court shoes by snuggleshoes

I have been sent these beautiful silver ballet pumps by snuggleshoes

I fell like a princess in these shoes! They are so elegant and comfortable plus
they are really soft to the touch. I love the adorable little bow at the front too as it adds a delicate touch to the shoe.

These shoes are really easy to wear due to the soft fabric which gently cushions your foot. I love the fact that the sole is really hard and durable as usually with ballet shoes it’s just a cheap piece of cardboard like material that wears out really quickly and means you have to bin the shoe before you’ve truly used it. The sole has grips on it too so that you can go from shiny floor to dancefloor without any mishaps or slip ups. The shoe is a wonderful metallic silver colour which is a perfect go to colour over the winter season plus the colour really pops when worn with black tights.

This is a really versatile shoe as it can be worn to the office with a  suit, on a girls night out with lacy stockings and even with casual daytime outfits such as jeans and a grey hoodie. They are really light weight too so would easily fit in your bag on a night out so you can rest your feet from your heels!  

It’s hard to believe these shoes only cost £9.99! As for shipping costs they only charge shipping at cost, to give you some ideas of shipping costs, please see below:
UKPair of Shoes - £2.80
Bag and Shoes - £3.50
2 pairs of shoes - £4.20
Pair of shoes - £4.95
Bag and shoes - £5.95
2 pairs of shoes - £8.50
Rest of the World (including USA and Canada)Pair of Shoes - £7.50
Bag and shoes - £8.50
2 pairs of shoes - £10.50
They take customer service very seriously over at snuggleshoes and welcome your comments so contact them if you need any more information.