Saturday, 30 October 2010

Review: Zeleb Reviews

The fabulous people over at Zeleb  have been very generous and
treated me to a custom made  Draped Strapless Party Dress! 

This dress was especially made for me by the skilled people over
at Zeleb   .Every seam sown is designed to flatter your body and
 sculpt your shape to create the designer garment. This dress is
red carpet worthy as it is fully lined and has two internal zips to
ensure that there are no mishaps or slip outs which I think is fabulous.

The dress is a metallic blue which is the perfect colour for
winter and is strapless. The bustier part is lightly padded and
well supported to ensure that it not only stays up but also flatters
your chest and shoulders. The dress then drapes down into an A
silhouette and features some loose draping which create a dramatic
effect. The material is so soft and silky that I can’t stop touching it
– even when it’s on the hanger! As I mentioned before it is fully
lined so is ideal for this seasons parties as it’ll help keep you warm!

I feel the cold really easily and wore this dress to an event a few
weekends ago

As you can see all I wore was this woolly jacket and I was warm
enough. I felt as though the lining was keeping the heat in.

This truly is the ultimate VIP online shopping experience that is
available so I thought it’s be good to take some time to explain my
overall shopping experience with this company.

After browsing the numerous beautiful elegant dresses I settled on
the one I have received:

When you bring up the dress you want in the main window it has
prepared boxes for you to choose your measurements.

A click on the “sizing guide” brings up a step by step guide to ensuring
you get the correct measurements. This is where the magic happens!

It’s easier if you do the measuring with a helpful family member or
friend. Simply follow the point by point guide and fill in your
measurement as you go along. It only took me 5 mins which is
wonderful when you think it’s for a custom made garment.

Then you submit that and pay. Easy!

The highly trained staff are so focused that they easily spotted the
mistake I made with the length measurements. They emailed me
immediately and provided feedback and support to ensure I had
the dress made to fit. 

Two weeks later it came in a big box, fully made and ready to
 wear. I’m really impressed with this site and would definitely
use them again for special events.

The dress I had should cost £203.00 which is a small drop in
the ocean to get a custom made designer dress! The postage
was really reasonable too at just £5. They also ship all over
the world. Simply contact them for more details.

Zeleb  also have dresses which are red carpet inspired
Hollywood inspired  and vintage inspired dresses

Here’s my favourite from the site