Saturday, 16 October 2010

Review: Silver Loop Knit Jacket by mintvelvet

 I was very kindly sent this gorgeous  Silver Loop Knit Jacket by mintvelvet

 I must admit I ADORE this jacket! I don’t tend to talk too much about my own personal style on this blog as I like to be open to all the stunning types of fashion out there but to be honesty I’m a boho girl through and through so this jacket for me is perfect! Although it’s so versatile it could fit into any style (ladylike, gothic, military the list goes on and on) It’s made from a sumptuous wool blend which makes it feel like heaven to wear. It’s really warm and cozy without compromising style by being too bulky. This jacket would look great over a herve leger style bandage dress and it just so happens mint velvet sell a fab look a like!

 Charcoal Assymetric Bandage Price: £95.00  
Studded Boots Price: £175.00  

This jacket looks like it came straight off the runway and I’m really impressed with the quality of it. After wearing something as fabulous as this I could never buy a cheap imitation ever again. The tailoring of this jacket is impeccable as the cut of it is very flattering and falls just above your waist which helps give the illusion of a flatter stomach – every girls dream! There are countless ways of wearing this jacket from the dress shown above to skinny jeans and I tee. I love teaming it with my chanel bag!

Mint velvet make ordering from them a breeze by offering a range of delivery options such as standard. Next day delivery and even Saturday delivery with a choice of times (my favourite!) Plus they offer free returns Sadly they are yet to ship outside the UK but fingers crossed for all my international readers