Saturday, 9 October 2010

Review: Everyday Mezzo Diary 2011 from Noble Macmillan

The wonderful people over at Noble Macmillan have kindly sent me over this personalised Everyday Mezzo Diary 2011 as a thank you for my feature post on them a while back (link to post)

It came packaged so beautifully I didn’t want to open it!:

They were even thoughtful enough to engrave it personally for me 

 “Missy’s big year 2011”I usually have tonnes going on so I always own a diary and religiously carry it round with me. To be honest though I usually have to carry my Diary with the dates in and another notebook for my ever expanding to-do list. This often means in meetings I can find one book and not the other which results in me emptying the contents of my handbag onto the conference room table for all my colleagues to analyse while I find the other book! Well thanks to Noble Macmillan that will be a thing of the past for they have cleverly created there diary to have one weeks dates on one page and the to-do lists for that week on the other page

Life savers and more importantly space savers! Such a simple idea and yet I’ve never seen another diary quite like it and the pages are bounded together securely so there is no way of them coming loose which is often the case with cheaper and badly made diaries. The diary is made only costs £29 plus it is available in a choice of colours

 Plum, Pink and Amethyst with gold giled pages, Black, Tomato and Aqua with silver gilded pages

What I love about Noble Macmillan is they even offer a choice of function for each book that they produce such as:

Limited Edition Eley Kishimoto Flash Print Journals £140.00

Linen Portrait Baby Book £45.00

Chelsea Portrait Leather Wardrobe Book £42.50

Salad Days Portrait Leather Dinner Parties Journal £85.00

The diary was wrapped securely allowing it to fit through my letter box so I didn’t have to travel to the post office to pick it up. Plus there was no unnecessary packaging as I hate it when you buy something that arrives in a huge box.  I am really impressed with the friendly manner of this business and they welcome your feedback