Thursday, 21 October 2010

Liverpool Fashion Week Update

Ok so here's the latest from Liverpool Fashion Week:

Local "artist" Kerry Katona opened the week by gracing the catwalk on behalf of Glam Boutique:

Whilst there were no major hiccups, i personally don't think she was the best person to start off the week! I'm sure it will help kick start her failing career though as now she has announced plans that she will be launching her own high street line of clothing! Tracksuits anyone?

She partied the night away after the show at Alma De Cuba in the city according to thedailymail (i was tucked up in bed by then!)

Liverpool Fashion Week is receiving major press coverage which is great for the area there's everyone from the sun newspaper to even thefashionv1 tv covering it!

Sorry there isn't more news! I'll do a full report on Sunday when i get to work my way through all my pics and the event has finished!