Sunday, 15 August 2010

Review Blog Partnership: Blue Inc's skull stripe vest

My wonderful blog partners Blue Inc have treated me to this skull stripe vest.

This vest is so versatile i cant believe it only costs a mere £12.99! For casual occasions such as shopping it can be worn with leggings, boots and a throw over cardigan: or for smarter occasions, wear as a dress with tights and some flats.

I recently wore this to my friends gig. They play rock music so i felt very fitting wearing it with it's skull print on the front and the words "forever young" underneath it. I got lots of complements from fellow music lovers!.

This vest is an excellent fit to your torso and then skims out at the bottom which is great for hiding wide hips! i felt really comfortable in it and the neckline is round so is flattering to both small and big busted girls! Blue In offer a fab selection of womens tops.

Blue Inc highly value there customers and standard deliver costs just £3.99 plus they offer worldwide delivery for £11.99.


Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

such a great price. what a deal!

Karobaro said...

AHH!! Love that top!!

Mia Delessi said...

The top is so cute and cheap, love it

The Owl's Closet said...

oh wow, that is an awesome deal! it's definitely perfect for a rock concert:) hope ure enjoying the weekend, missy!

blorange dice said...

interesting! i've never worn anything with a skull on it, but who know? maybe i will one day (:

My Republic of Fashion said...

Lucky you! Love that vest.:)sarahD

vdcouture said...

cute tanks :D


Nedda Ebo said...

I'm so envious of this woman. She owns the best bags, clothes, and HUSBAND out there.

p.s. thanks for commenting on me blog

Mustart x

Kirsty.Billie said...

I so know how you feel!

Great blog!

xx Black Adder Fashion