Saturday, 24 July 2010

Review: Merrell Sandals

The wonderful people at fitness footwear have treated me to a pair of Merrell sandals. As you remember I already own there flat shoes so I was very excited to try a different style.

These sandals are so comfortable it’s unreal! As you all know by now I’m very picky about what I put on my feet but it seems I can’t go wrong when shopping at fitness footwear!

These sandals are very on trend right now and as my US readers are aware Merrell is a big brand in footwear. Us UKers are only just catching on to the buzz surrounding this brand so here’s some info about them:

They make a comfortable range of active and casual lifestyle shoes and have the 'Get Outside' slogan, as well as reputation for comfort.

Merrell is essentially all about going camping with your mates, exploring the countryside, the city and 'getting outdoors' in any urban or rural environment. Good quality, fashionable, active and casual lifestyle footwear.

These Merrell Siren sandals are my new holiday favourite. When I’m abroad I adore walking on the beach and climbing the rocks in the water. These shoes give all the style of a sandals whilst supporting your ankle and foot plus they also have the little air holes in the sides to allow your feel to breathe in warm weather. Since the UK has been having a heat wave these shoes are perfect for me to run my errands in whilst also complimenting my wardrobe whilst the across the ankle strap provides support and comfort. Plus they only cost £62.95 and free shipping!


Devka Ulanov said...

thank you so much ! I follow you too !

Anonymous said...

Haha woah i'm from the US and have never seen or heard of those?

blorange dice said...

interesting! i've seen those before, but i've never owned a pair myself. i feel like they would be nice if i lived in a big city and walked a lot- or even now being on a college campus!

anyway, i've always enjoyed reading, writing, literature, etc. but i've never taken a lit. class before! i'm pretty excited about this one in the fall, because it just sounds really intriguing (:

nookie said...

aww sorry to hear that dear, no "koodos" for them:(

these Merrell sandals are cute but too sporty from my taste;)

Cheryl: Oh to Be a Muse said...

i don't wear sandals like these, but they do look comfy.

my blog layout is from a free template, but i've changed it up a lot. that rotating photos thing on the main page came with the template, but i designed the colors, and overall theme. i was going for a blog that looks like a magazine. :)

Johanna Urban said...

Thank you Missy :)
Have a wonderful day!!!

Johanna, Sweden

ps. nice shoes :D

Bionica said...

very cool =)

I do have Facebook
but don't go on it as often :/


Keith said...

Great review. Thanks for sharing that with us.

michelle_ said...

great shoes !

Sher said...

Looks very comfy indeed!

Must be hard going back to work after a nice holiday! I work in a bank, what do you do??