Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Designer Special: Fitflops Mukluk boots

I have some very exciting news! FitnessFootwear are going to be stocking FitFlops renowned Mukluk boots.

For those of you, who haven’t heard about FitFlop, let me explain:

FitFlop have been the pioneers of getting fit whilst you walk for a while now and a few years ago brought us a workout in a summer shoe i.e. the FitFlop .

Here’s abit about them:

“The FitFlop is the flip-flop with the gym built in, and offers a fashionable footwear choice which will help strengthen your muscles, tighten up the leg muscles and tone your bum without ever having to set foot in the gym.

The revolutionary shoes were the brainchild of Marcia Kilgore, the Bliss Spa founder who had the idea that women should be able to get a lot more toning value out of walking and get a gym style workout without the time commitment.

With the technical expertise of biomechanics expert Dr. David Cook the concept was turned into reality and the patented Microwobbleboard™ was created. Located in the midsole of all FitFlop creations, it adds an extra wobble to the step and activates the muscles for longer, improving body tone without any extra time or effort required.

Designed to be worn on all occasions, from the moment you get up to the second you hit the sack, your legs and bum can get a prolonged workout, your feet given exceptional comfort, and your posture improved. With the FitFlop you’ll start to feel fitter and healthier and look fantastic in next to no time.

FitFlop sandals have been biomechanically engineered to add more value to walking, and have been subjected to rigorous testing by experts in anatomy and movement dynamics. The FitFlop features the Microwobbleboard™ in the midsole of the shoes which increases the length of time the muscles in the legs and bottom are activated during a normal step which helps to improve toning with each step you take. What’s more, the sandals have been designed to improve your posture and reduce the stresses on your lower back and joints. When you walk with FitFlop, tired and aching feet become re-energized, and you can really feel the benefits after even a short walk. FitFlop sandals have also been reported to help sufferers of bone and muscle conditions get pain relief.

Obviously in the cold winter months, the last thing you want to do is put on a pair of flip flops but you still want the same toning effects. Now you can wear a pair of the stylish FitFlop Mukluks  from FitnessFootwear.

They are due in August, costing £135 and you can get them in black or brown. Plus free delivery!