Saturday, 1 May 2010

Review: LV monogram denim grunge shawl

Ok so i know i'm a very lucky girl! My father bought this scarf for me as a present whilst he was on a business trip!

Here is is featured in Vogue:

And here it's worn by Sienna Miller:


This scarf is so light weight it's unreal! it feels so soft against my neck that i want to wear it all the time as it's 60% silk and 40% wool. It came supplied with a black pouch. Here's what the site says about the item:

"Celebrate the days of the grunge movement in this striking Monogram Denim shawl. A touch of luxury with a bit of an edge, with its creased aspect and metallic ornaments.

Size: 59" x 59"

-Made from silk and wool with a fringes finishing
-Two different yarns woven in a Jacquard pattern to create a two-colour effect"

It costs £450 online but is currently out of stock.

I've been wearing the scarf loose flowing ala Lindsay:

It's strange as i wouldnt have chose the blue out of all the wonderful LV scarves but i'm really suprised how versatile it is as not only does it work well with jeans and a tee but also dresses up my LBD. The scarf is excellent quality.

This is now my 3rd piece of LV as i already own


GM Beverly Bag

and the LV coin purse

What LV items do you own?


erin :) said...

i love the little details on the LV scarf! i wish i could have one xD

Tamanna A. Shaikh said...

Ooooh fabulous!! You can never go wrong with an LV!!

Caitlin said...

that scarf is amazing. i want it sooo bad, but i'm still poor, as always!

Alita Claudia Raisa said...

I don't have any LV items :( I just love all those photos!!

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celebs pages said...

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SUGAR said...

i am waaaay jealous!! you lucky little thing, the closest i can get to louis vuitton is to scribbling LV on my bag with black marker ;p

but i forgive you because that is one rad scarf, wear it with pride!!


Johanna Urban said...

Love the scarf!


daisychain said...

I'm not usually a monogram fan but this I love

Eri said...

Desirable. so desirable.. what a great post!

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely comment, I really appreciate it.

See you soon.

Felicia Marcellina said...

ah really? why is that so?
a tradition, dont say! =D

ah, gorgeous scarf.
but sadly i'm over limited in credit card. =(

Clare said...

Lucky girl!

tweet tweet tweet


nookie said...

you lucky girl!
love it:)
I have a cross body LV bag:)

Cat said...

You are a lucky girl indeed...this scarf is amazing and so versatile!!!

I adore LV!


fabulous foulard...LV is magic

beeble said...

cute scarf, love the colour. thanks for the comment, hope youll follow (:

Ciara. said...

thanks for the lovely blog comment!
your blog is amazing!
i wish i owned a louis vuitton every bag is freaking gorgeous!


cheeky curves said...

aaaaah, omg, omg how lucky are.Ok I am calm now, its a lovely lovely scarf

Sara Levy said...

I used to have a bag, but I sold it! Now I have that leopard scarf! I really love your blog, thanks for stopping and reading mine, it is just the beginning! I'll follow yours, please do the same with mine!

Thank you very much
Sara from

cheeky curves said...

Oh how could I forget, Thank you for alwsys stopping by and leaving a comment.

morganne said...

its a lovley scarf, i dont a thing from LV because im too cheap! Im jealous of your pieces!!

thank you for your sweet comment, im glad you like it! have a great day :)

Carly said...

Hi, thanks for your sweet comment it's always nice to hear that someone likes your blog. I really love this scarf, your dad has great taste.

Carly said...

Hi, thanks for your sweet comment it's always nice to hear that someone likes your blog. I really love this scarf, your dad has great taste.


oh yes you are a lucky girl,,enjoy

Claudia said...

um... i LOVE THAT SCARF! totally awesome!!

thanks for your comment on my blog

will you please follow me @

I am a follower of yours!!


SabinePsynopsis said...

Oh, you are a lucky girl! This is a beautiful scarf indeed.

Karoline said...

Thats a really nice scarf!
I don't own anything LV unfortunatly. I would loved a scarf or some of the new bags.

Marie.. said...

Great post... I really love that scarf. I actually own a few pieces of LV. A multicolor monogram bag with matching wallet, two damier speedy bags and a few small pieces. They last forever!

Fuji Files said...

My favorite scarves are lovely white and blue summer scarves, and this fits the bill with a little LV flair! Your dad has good taste!

xx FujiFiles

kumar said...

hi missy how are you i like this scarf post beautiful scarfs looks great i like the first one on sienna miller
nice purse

enjoy your day

Audrey Allure said...

The denim scarf is beautiful!

mel said...

that is such a beautiful scarf! in love:) the colours are amazing!

knk said...

oh beautiful scarfs looks amazing i love the designs
i think people need one scarf in this summer

B.M.H said...

Love that scarf!! I mean... love LV :D hahaha... but really, that denim scarf is great!!!



OMG! i so want and look for that scarf in ages, and exact that scarf:( and idk from where to get it, i'm from Europe :'(

LifestyleBohemia said...

That scarf is stunning - you will def get a lot of use out of it - I'd wear it everyday!

Kristin said...

You certainly are a lucky girl. That scarf is just beautiful!

thais. said...

I love your scarf... the color really is amazing. goes with everything!

OneCraftyFox said...

Louvre the scarf!! Is your dad looking to adopt, by the way...?

Southerners from the North said...

Not a big LV fan but that scarf is gorgeous!

check out my blog:

Sarah said...

What a fabulous dad you have! Let me know if he wants to adopt another daughter! :-) xx

Smerica Anderjones said...

Woah, such amazing taste in fashion I see :-)

veryvery nice style btw (:

x -Samerica- x