Saturday, 17 April 2010

Review: RuME bag

I have been desperately looking for an extra little bag to take to work with me as I keep ending up with tonnes of plastic carry bags. I was really grateful when the lovely people at sent me this RuMe bag.

It came wrapped up so small and was well presented – would be ideal to give as a gift.

I was surprised at how big this bag was as although the size it’s given is a “mini” it fits perfectly under my arm. It’s fantastic the way it wraps up so small so I can store it into my everyday work bag and use it for the little bits of shopping I get. I get really fed up always having to take a carrier bag as with knowing how bad they are for the environment it means I store them in my house till I go somewhere to recycle them. It’s amazing to think that this little bag can hold up to 14kg!

The best thing about these bags is they are super stylish as they come available in loads of different colours and sizes. Here’s a selection of my favourites:

Rume Green Line - Purple Rain Metallic £13.95

Rume Red Line - Stripes £7.45

Rume Sky Blue £7.45

Here’s a bit from the company:
“ Ecohandy has over 500 different types of bags from all over the world in many different sizes, colours, patterns and styles. Before there was just blue and green bags from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Morrison’s but now you can use a reusable bag that you can be proud to be seen with and with over 500 different colours and patterns you can find something for every outfit and occasion”

This bag only costs £6.95 and delivery can cost as little as £1.33! My bag came within a day which is amazing as I’m so impatience and hate waiting round for my treats. They also ship internationally, Simply email them for more details.

The celebs adore these bags with two of my favourite celebs Nicole Richie and Jessica Alba using them.

Spring in NY - Hamptons £7.50

Rume Fall in New York Pattern - 5th Avenue - £7.45

Eco friendly Jessica has a whole car full!

RuMe Fall in NY Hamptons Bag £6.95

RuMe Boston Commons Bag in Necktie £7.45

RuMe Fall in NY Bag in Plum £6.95

RuMe The Loop Bag in Red Line Crimson £7.45

All images except celeb photos from Celeb images from here.