Saturday, 20 February 2010

Review: Sweet Jane necklace

My good friend Sara from twillypop has very kindly sent me this beautiful Sweet Jane Swarovski Ribbon Necklace

It came in this beautiful gift box which would make an excellent present or just as a treat for yourself!

This necklace is so unusual that it got me lots of compliments and enquiries over where I got it! It consists of white crystals on a piece of black silk ribbon and the ribbon is intertwined with the crystals. It looks really delicate and would be perfect for dressing up a simple jumper or even as a statement piece for formal events. The great thing about this necklace is because it is so well made it is sturdy and will last a long time. I like the way you can control the length of the necklace yourself simply by adjusting where you tie it.

Sara’s necklaces are all unique and are made by hand individually. This necklace costs $18.50 which is really well priced. Sara is based in USA with postage costing $5.00. Simply contact her for more details.

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