Sunday, 31 January 2010

Celeb spotting: Casually Cool

I've replaced the usual on sale on Sunday with Celeb spotting. This will be a place i post the outfits celebs have been wearing this week that i love and also any trends that i notice popping up. I hope no one is too upset with this replacing on sale Sunday. I was really enjoying doing it but i noticed alot of the time the items i posted about sole out fairly quick and then i'd feel bad recommeding them!

This week i've spotted the art of looking stylish whilst wearing casual pants and hoodies is in full force in the land of celeb!

Hilary Duff in Free city sweat pants

Ashley Tisdale in Monrow hoodie

Ashley Tisdale again! this time in free city pants

Onto some other outfits from this week:

Vanessa has mastered the art of looking effortlessly cool and i'm lusting after that Balenciaga part time bag!

Kristin Cavallari has been spotted out and about in this striped tee and these Jimmy Choo Nixon suede platform sandals!

Nicky Hilton rocks this Rodarte for Target Leopard-Print Dress. Wish i could pull of animal prints!

More animal prints, this time Kim K in a this lovely scarf. I think Kim looks better like this than all glammed up. Plus i love that Hermes birkin bag!

I'm not that keen on this dress that Paris Hilton wore especially since she teamed it with tights!

Lastly Nicole Richie looks amazing in this Giles Deacon Bustier Dress for the Marie Claire photoshoot.

What did everyone think of this post? I hope you liked it and if you did then expect more next Sunday :)