Thursday, 1 October 2009

Trend Tracker - Pearls

Forget diamonds, it seems pearls are the new girls best friend, just ask Chanel:

Celebs have been rocking the pearl trend, showing one strand is never enough:

And we all know style Icon Audrey Hepburn wore a pearl or two:

Trend Tips:

* Think modern and dont limit yourself to just one strand:

* Pearls are now available in a mutiple of colours, so experiment with them like Demi Moore:

* If your not a girly type of person then look out for pearl bangles that just yell rock chick!

* If your not a accessories type of person then think of clothes with pearl details:

I am torn between this and anything by Chanel but this is cheaper (only just!)


The Beautiful and Glammed said...

lovely post, great highstreet finds

we'll be back! Come follow us..
Love TBAG <3 xx

Sher said...

Ahh, pearls are my best friend! I really love wearing them, they never get old for me:)

Oh, I got my bow belt from some random shop, it's so inexpensive too:)

SUGAR said...

i love pearls! so versatile, and as you said, if dear audrey can wear them, then theyre good enough for me ;)


Pixel Wild Child said...

Oh pearls! an all times classic! lovely photos ;O) especially the Lanvin Glass-pearl necklace... wow!

fashionblogger said...

I think my favourite pearl necklace ever was the one worn by SJP in Sex and the City the film.

zupu said...

I love this post dear because I just never get fed up with pearls and I adore them almost as much as diamonds!!! Elegant and classic forever!

bloo. said...

i like all pics :)


Patty Ann said...

i LOVE multiple strands
when i wear necklaces
its so classic
and beautiful!

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The Hunter said...

I love peals! Always beautiful! Fab blog - will be back! The Hunter xx