Friday, 2 October 2009

Steal Her Style : Hayden Panettiere in Ugg

Ah how i love boots! my most favourite pair of shoes in the fall are Ugg boots (although i am currently coveting Love from Australia - more about that soon). Available from: for £169.99 with free shipping and for £190.00

It seems Hayden is a big Ugg boot wearer:

What do you think about the "wear brown boots with anything" trend? i'm still unsure as to whether you really can wear a girly dress with big boots (although Hayden's outfits looks fantastic with hers)


Patty Ann said...

i know a lot of people don't like uggs, BUT i'm all about comfort, and if uggs are comfortable, wear them!!! and hayden is so cute, she'd never look bad in uggs, no matter how often she wears it!

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Peonies and water lilies said...

Uggs are essential for the cold winter months and Hayden looks very stylish in all those photos x

Caitlin said...

I bought some gray Ugg rip-offs (I'm poor, ok?) from Target and I love them! They are the shorter boot, though. I have been wearing them with almost anything; and yeah I would probably wear them with skirts or shorts sometime!

Maria Confer said...

I wear my uggs all fall winter long!! Essential for keep the toes cozy.

Beth Perry said...

loving the style choices on your blog. I LOVE the multilayered/pearl necklaces down below!

Wana said...

i almost killed for uggs one time!! i love them so much!! lol. i like her look in the dress n sweater.

Clara said...

ah. I would not use these boots :x ahaha

Kelsey Kaysen said...

i live where it is really cold and snows all the time and i hate UGGS i see them every where and can not stand them but in tolerate them in the cold places....but when people where them with shorts i want to die
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Couture Carrie said...

Fab post, darling! I totally live in my Uggs in the winter!