Friday, 18 September 2009

Steal Her Style : Christina Aguilera and Anna Kournikova in Gypsy05

I'm getting slightly obsessed with Gypsy05 especially since all these celebs are wearing the beautiful maxi dresses! My favourite colour of the organic maxi dresses is this plum one, worn by both Christina Aguilera and Anna Kournikova:Available from for £95.00

Yet again my only gripe is it's dry clean only. it doesnt make sense to me that a dress that is 100% organic cotton isnt machine washable? Does anyone own any of the Gypsy05 dresses?


Vintage Me New You said...

You can find some cool ones on amazon:)they have rain boots on every color!


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous ~ love these purples; I don't any (yet)!


Natalie said...

cute, simple dress. and i love ur posts, u have a great blog! :)


beach03me said...

I wash mine in the washer on hand-wash or delicate and then hang it to dry and they're fine!