Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Hot off the Highstreet: Urban Outfitters

With Fall fast approaching i've spied some pretty nice knitwear over at Urban Outiftters:

Insight Into The Dark Sweater Dress - £65.00

Cheap Monday Panic Slub Cardigan - £90.00

Oversized Cardi - £48.00

Insight Grungy Print Cowl Sweater - £70.00

1 comment:

The Siu Jiat said...

i like the 1st and the last pic! i'd wear them with extra skinny jeans or leathery tights :)

ur workplace's shortstaffed? how come? every1 took leave frm work to enjoy the last bit of summer?? ;)

i'm feeling much more relaxed today. Last few days were a killer. Had to stay up to complete the essay. The moment i handed it in, i had a gooooood loooooooong slp :) feeling refreshed! its thursday...weekend's approaching, so hang in there yeh! :D