Friday, 25 February 2011

Steal Her Style: Kate Moss

I love how everything she wears tends to send out that supermodel cool vibe.

Dressed Down

Glammed Up

Whose style are you a fan of?


Nicole✗✗ said...

Oh she is just fabulous! So effortless. I personally like Megan Fox's style. I love her day look which is very simple and not taken too seriously and then her night look is just glamourous. I love that.

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I want to be her. How effing fabulous. Both these outfits are amazing. :)

Leather & Lace said...

ahhh she is amazingly chic..all the time! love these!

Bog-Bog said...

I prefer now the first one!

Couture Carrie said...

Love her style!
Fabulous looks!

Am also smitten with Rachel Bilson :)


Lia Waroka Putri said...

she always looks so gorgeus! me love <33

Bonnie said...

Kate Moss dressed down is my favorite Kate Moss.
Glammed up, she just looks like a drunk crack-whore.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

blorange dice said...

ooo, i really do love the dressed down look.

Catherine said...

great post, I really like the first outfit <3

Mitr Friend - Bhushavali said...

Isn't Kate Moss one of the fashion chameleon??? Great style!!!
Btw, am new here to your blog and loved it totally.
Am following you now. Follow me???
Fashion Panache