Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Hot this Week: Bandage Bonanza

Everyone is well and truly familiar with Herve Leger's famous bandage dresses but with his latest drop, are you sick to death of it or loving the update?

On the Runway

On Celebs

Seriously, who hasn't wore this type of dress?!


High Street


Vanilla said...

I quite like them, I think they have become a classic piece :)

Love, Vanilla

Blicious said...

loving these styles!


The Girlie Blog said...

The bandage dresses are very sexy! I would love to get one myself!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

These are so sexy! I wish I had the body to pull these dresses off! :)

nookie said...

I like them but I couldn't wear one:)

Jess said...

Still loving them!! That last black one on the runway is gorg!

janettaylor said...

Just gorgeous!


Bonnie said...

I lovelovelovelovelove Leger's bandange dresses. LOVE. LOVELOVELOVE.
Can you tell?

ELVIA said...

I like the bandage dresses, however only the slim and sexy/confident can pull it off!

It doesn't look good with monstrous thighs/legs and the sort!

Style, She Wrote said...

I love a Leger bandaged dress! Eternally sexy. Your high street options rock! xo style, she wrote

Bionica said...

the dresses are fabulous!!!
a must really =)


Just Another Dreamer said...

i want them all !