Thursday, 2 December 2010

Review: Sterling Silver Triangle Chain Necklace from Hanfords of London

I am very honoured to have received this beautiful
Sterling Silver Triangle Chain Necklace  from Hanfords of London

 This necklace is exquisite and a true original design. It has been
handmade by Michael himself and he also planned and designed
it making it a truly special item.  It is pure silver and extremely light
weight which is one of the many things I love about it. It looks really
chunky and heavy and yet when worn its easy to forget your wearing
it.Although it is light weight it is curiously robust and doesn’t fall to
pieces when light pressure is applied. The clasp on it is easy to
open and sturdy enough to cope with the normal wear and tear
that is expected.

 I haven’t seen a necklace like it which is great considering there
are so many “copycat” necklaces out there that it’s really refreshing
to see an original creation. This necklace was handcrafted and
you can tell this easily by examining the level of detail used and
also it’s clear to see how high quality this necklace is. The light
catches each polished link beautifully and it really shines on
a night out.

 This necklace is an amazing addition to any outfit and can easily
add a touch of glamour to a casual knitted jumper and pair of jeans

Peacocks, Gap, Diab'less

or can really make your little black dress pop at that Christmas party.

Oasis, Dorothy Perkins, Lipsy

This necklace is an amazing investment piece for your wardrobe
and if you love this item as much as I do then you should check
out the other pieces in the Toudon Collection  series.


Kate said...

It's beautiful - so simple but unique! x

janettaylor said...

Pretty necklace!


Spence. said...

Gorgeous necklace m'dear, you're so lucky!

PaolinaBM said...

i love her style so much!!!

Ivânia Santos (Diamond) said...

Lovely first look!!!


Mei said...

Thank you for sharing tips! Love Rachel's boots..

Chiara TheMinette said...

Thank you for the comment!
So... love her! Love her style, her beauty! <3

Arika Yasmine said...

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