Monday, 27 December 2010

New Designers Update

I like to think in the blogging world that we all help to keep each other up to date with the latest trends and style tips. Here's my contribution - Three red hot new designers!

boyNYC - founded this past summer by Jake Stein, a 20 year old Parsons student, boyNYC is a brand built on an initial collection of inventive cuffs made to fill Stein's personal void for androgynous jewelry to match his 'edgy with a soft side' style.  The cuffs, available in an array of semi-precious metals and designs like a bow-tie wearing teddy called "Bear and his Beau"

or "King of the Sky", a crowned bird on which you can see every feathery detail, retail for an extremely accessible $90-$450 and can be found on his website,

Next up is Jess Rizzuti - A wildly diverse artist by trade, Rizzuti began developing her handbag collection after bringing her sketches to life one by one with her own two hands.  Her handmade bags, still produced in her native NY at a local manufacturer, are designed around the philosophy of congruently beautiful detail both inside and out.  The supple custom leathers including rich embossed crocs and crackled metallics are accented by handpicked linings that give the bags a signature style that's impossible to match.  Check out more at

Lastly is Jessica Ricci -My personal favourite!  Jessica Ricci finds objects with past lives and translates them into jewelry. She draws upon her own experience as a journalist, English teacher, world traveler and artist to create hand-crafted designs that are anchored in symbolism, history, and sentimentality.  All of the pieces in Jessica's collections are created from inspirational objects and stones found in markets around the world from San Francisco to Paris to Mumbai.  Her jewelry, including handcrafted lace cuffs, ancient key pendants, latin graffiti engraved rings and sentimental stone studs, truly offers something for everyone from the everyday wearer to the statement maker.  Find them all at

Which one is favourite and why? If you think you are or know someone who is a new designer let me know!