Monday, 15 November 2010

Style Crush: Blake Lively designer items

I've tried to include a mix of as many designers as i can since she has access to every designer under the sun!

Georges Chakra dress

J.Crew Camden suede brogues

See by Chloe Cherry Mini Bag


Rag & Bone Razor Coat

Yestadt Millinery 76 Trombones Hat

 Chanel bag

Christian Louboutin Fetilo Mesh & Patent Leather Pumps in Black


janettaylor said...

Great post and selection!


The Girlie Blog said...

Love everything she wears! I am too chicken to try mixing and matching the way she does it.

WeShop said...

Love those brogues - the colour is wonderful. xx

Caitlin said...

I LOVE those J Crew shoes. I might have to make a post about them!

beeble said...

I love her style!

Johanna Urban said...

love the Rag & Bone Razor Coat!!

johanna, sweden

jamie-lee said...

She's had some gorgeous looks this season. Those electric blue pants? OMG they were incredible.

vdcouture said...

i love blake lively!


Lady J said...

I'm in love with the Valentino black dress. To die for!


vixzana said...