Friday, 1 October 2010

My new sponsor: charmeddesign1012 at etsy

I'm very proud to introduce my newest sponsor charmeddesign1012 at etsy.

I think your going to love her beautiful handmade charm bracelets more than any designer one and she has a stunning collection of necklaces all made by hand. Here's a selection of my favourite items available to buy now:

Peace and Hope Burgundy Wrap Charm Bracelet - $30.00 USD

Wrap Charm Bracelet with Jade, Peace Charms - $30.00 USD

Silk Ribbon Wrap Bracelet with Lotus Charm, Pearl - $33.00 USD

Love, Star Charms Necklace - $20.00 USD

Angel Wings, Pearl Necklace - $20.00 USD - This is my favourite as my dear grandmother who passed away use to say she could see an angel looking over me. I know if i was wearing this then there would be.

 Whats your favourite?