Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Hot this Week: Happy Halloween!

With Halloween this week I thought I’d do this weeks post on all things pumpkin!


Jolly Jack O Lantern halloween no slip hair clippie $4.50 USD by heysista at Etsy

Wickedly Cute Witch Hat halloween no slip hair clippie $4.50 USD by heysista at Etsy

Halloween Hello Kitty Hair Clip // Orange $3.75 USD by Leapkahian at Etsy

Black and Orange Pumpkins Halloween Korker Bow $4.00 USD by Leapkahian at Etsy

Vintage Typewriter Key Pendant/Necklace - Skeleton-Day of the Dead $18.00 USD by busterandboo at Etsy

Fall Orange Pumpkin Crochet Hat Made to Order $15.00 USD by TheCrochetBarn at Etsy


Isabel said...

OMG the orange hello kitty is soooo CUTE!

SabinePsynopsis said...

Spooky-cute! Love the necklace.

janettaylor said...

The bow is great!


rebecca said...

i want the last hat!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for featuring my Jolly Jack & Wickedly Cute Witch Hat Clippies. The price has now been reduced :)

Chelsea said...

i wish australia cared about halloween as much as everyone else does - it seems to much fun!

Anna G said...

October means Pumpkin Spice latte at Starbucks! I love that drink.

The Girlie Blog said...

Yay! The holidays have arrived!

Imogen said...

How fun especially the hair clips.

diaswari predani said...

hello, this is the first time I read you blog, interesting
waw, it sounds fun
but in my country there is no such a day like that :(
have you decide a cute outfits for halloween?