Sunday, 8 August 2010

You Asked and I answered!

Here's the answers to the questions you asked me on Thursday, thanks for everyone's messages of love and support - i love you guys!

Cheryl from Oh to Be a Muse asked:

"where do you see your blog (and yourself) in 3 years?"

I'd love to still be doing this blog and to still be sharing my fashion news with you all. I'd also like to try outfit posts! Although I'm not a good model as i don't feel that comfortable in front of the camera!

Christina from The Story of Wonderful asked:

"who is your #1 style icon?"

I don't have one particular icon as my fashion is  fusion of lots of style types, although i adore Rachel Bilson, Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie's style!

Anna G from Razzle Dazzle asked: 

"Where do you find such great stuff? Favorite Etsy shops?"

I spend lots of time searching on the net for items I've seen on celebs but wouldn't pay the price tag! Plus alot of stores approach me asking me to take a look at there stuff although i only features stores i would buy something from. As for Etsy shops my favs are:
The Spiral Goddess Celtic & Fantasy Pendants
Flawed Perfection Jewelry by Megan Reynolds

Thanks for your questions x I have a giveaway coming up on Thursday!