Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Hot this week: Summer time!

The weather seems to finally be picking up here in the UK, although not quite blue skies! My Hot posts are now going to feature a mixture of all things handmade, highstreet and couture all the same kind of theme. This week it's summer!

Prepster Perfection $60.00 USD by Flawed Perfection Jewelry by Megan Reynolds, A.J.P. at Etsy - this reminds me of blue skies and white clouds!

 Cranberry Garland $48.00 USD by Flawed Perfection Jewelry by Megan Reynolds, A.J.P. at Etsy - and this grains of sand on the beach.

Both images from Flawed Perfection Jewelry

I love the beach pants!


Tere said...

I think the same, some of this shoes must be in museums, are incredibles masterpieces!
im glad to hear your opinión darling!
i like very much your blog, is amazing!
kisses from

Ladyulia said...

nice post for summer
but, onfortunately
rain still poring down right here in my city
hard to see the sunshine all day

tris1978ton said...

The blue necklace is incredible!

meganluvsjewels said...

Thanks for featuring my pieces! The post looks great!

B a la Moda said...

Who cute is the first necklace!

B* a la Moda

Lara said...

Love the first necklace!! It's absolutely perfect!

Thanks for your lovely comment!


Keith said...

I really love the first necklace. I hope you've had a great week. I certainly have. Thanks for your comment on my Eva Mendes post. I appreciate it. Enjoy the upcoming weekend.

Felicia Marcellina said...

I think you're right. these are gorgeous. I love the first necklace.

Bionica said...

that blue necklace is so delicate


nookie said...

cute necklaces!

Audrey Allure said...

Love that first necklace!

Carmen said...

The weather is so lovely here! The blue necklace is pretty!


cathy said...

so in love with the blue one! i want it so badd!!!

such a pretty blog dear!
disturbed by fashion

Fenny said...

cool necklaces!
wow, so summer has come? wish you have great summer!