Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Beauty Buys: Love the body shop!

A once a month feature on my blog is Beauty Buys. I am always researching and buying the latest items (or adding the more expensive ones to my wish list) so i thought it'd be fun to share them with you!

I was recently given a membership card for the body shop and now i love it! Here's my favs:

I've always suffered from stress breakouts and with my pale skin it leaves my pores stretched and irritated. I've tried everything from Simple to Clinique in order to solve this problem but nothing ever worked until now! I've only been using it a few days and my skin is noticeably clearer and not red at all. This serum is best used before moisturiser.

Seaweed Pore Perfector - £9.00

I was given this set for my birthday and i love it! the smell is so delicious it's hard not to eat it. The body scrub is literally like someone has just crushed a cherry and rubbed it onto your skin! I'm a  big fan. Use the butter sparingly as it can be quite greasy.

Wild Cherry Take Aways - £10

This smells heavenly and it so luxurious to soak your feet in after a long day at the office plus a little goes a long way. The strong smell of peppermint is so uplifting and i even floated some peppermint leaves from the garden in there to add to the experience.

Peppermint Reviving Foot Soak £7.00

On my wish list is this beauty. It's a stimulating shampoo that bring body and volume to fine hair. Nothing moves my hair as it's always perfectly straight and wont even hold a curl! Fingers crossed this gives me "just stepping out of a salon" hair!

Guarana Berry Volumising Shampoo £5.50

What are your favourite body shop products? i hope you enjoy my new feature.

All images from the bodyshop


Jennifer Fabulous said...

I am definitely checking out these products! I am always on the hunt for new skin products and hair products, so I really appreciate this new feature you're doing! xo

Anna G said...

I really love their body butter lotions. I have really dry skin and they make my legs feel so soft.

cheeky curves said...

I love their warming mineral mask, and vitamn c cleansing face polish. I used to use their vitamin e mosisture cream, but now I use boots own brand.

tris1978ton said...

The seaweed pore perfector looks interesting. I would really like to give it a try. Love the Body Shop! THey have great products!

georgimarine said...

i use their foundation , its lush :)

Felicia Marcellina said...

yeah. i guess this is a good post. gonna go checking out :)

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Lovely Curse

arcellgonzalez said...

I have heard that this products are nice but I have not believe on that because my skin is very sensitive and I do not want to take risk but after reading the review of people I feel that this products are really nice so I will think about it.
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kyeongheelee12 said...

at least the clinique ladies didn't tell you that you had BIG pores, therefore it was the reason why i had breakouts.. and i really really needed to put this $60 product on my skin to make it better.

Audrey Allure said...

Great picks, I have to check these out!

naomemandeflores said...

Lovely tips! I'm used to drinking GuaranĂ¡ (it's a big hit here in Brazil) not using it as a shampoo!


The Owl's Closet said...

ooo what a great dress from uttam direct! i love it!