Saturday, 12 June 2010

Review: Reebok easytone follow up!

Here as promised is my follow up review to the reebok easytone trainers trainers sent to me by fitness footwear

I have been wearing these trainers for a bit over a month now. I’ve been wearing them whilst travelling to and from work (sadly not in work as we aren’t allowed!) plus I’ve been wearing them whilst running 6 times a week. If I’m honest I think they really have made a difference even in such a small space of time. My legs seem more muscular which amazed me as I’m more long and lanky than toned,  Plus my bottom does feel more toned too.

I still find these trainers incredibly comfortable and they haven’t rubbed once even whilst running. They still smell beautifully fresh thanks to the anti bacterial sole and have kept there shape which is great with me having such narrow feet. I’ve had to wash them once as well due to running in the rain (that’s British weather for you) and I found that they dried fast and still kept there shape which I usually find quite unusual .

I feel that the shoes offered a lot of support whilst running and I could notice the tension that they have added to the sole to create resistant as I felt off balance a few times whilst on pavements. I felt that I had to work harder by tightening up my legs in order to counter act that which probably added to the overall intensity of my workout.

Overall I would highly recommend these trainers to anyone looking for an easier way to tone up and I found them perfect to use in conjunction with running and other forms of exercise.

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