Saturday, 19 June 2010

Review: Curlformers

I’ve been sent these wonderful new Curlformers to try out. They are the newest and easiest way to get curls. I must be honest; I really am rubbish at hair. I can’t use curling tongs, or rollers and definitely can’t curl my hair with straightening irons. I’ve always wanted to have curly hair but was beginning to give up hope after so many fail attempts as no matter what I did, my hair never curled and I just ended up frying my patients and my hair!

These Curlformers are AMAZING! They actually have curled my hair! They look a little daunting at first as they seem fairly complicated but once you get use to the hand movements there really is nothing to it. There’s handy video on the site to watch which helps you get the hang of it. Plus there’s no need for curling appliances as they come in two different styles so you have different choices of curls.

Here’s a simple run through of how to use them

1. Wash your hair. It’s up to you I you use conditioner but hair must be damp in order to get the best curls. I prefer to towel dry it a little so that the hair isn’t soaking wet as I found it made it slippy. Comb through your hair to get rid of tangles. It’s up to you if you use any product on your hair. I’ve tried it with and without mousse. I found moussed curls a little sticky but they lasted even after I’d slept on them. My curls without mousse looked really natural but didn’t last after I’d slept on them.


2. Next you put the hook through the end of the Curlformer. It’s the piece of plastic on each end. If the hook is put on correctly then the curl former will open and go straight.

3. This is the tricky bit! Take a section of hair. It doesn’t need to be precise but make sure it has no tangles in it. Then hook the hair onto the end of the curl former stick and slide the Curlformer off the stick and onto your hair. 

 4. The first one is always the hardest but by the end it’s fairly easy. Do the same for all your hair.

 5. When you’ve finished you can either wait for your hair to dry naturally or use your hairdryer. The great thing about this is you haven’t used anything that will damage your hair so it’s much better for your hair than the heated appliances.

6. When your hair is dry, simply take the Curlformers out by holding onto the bit of plastic at the end of the Curlformer and twist the whole thing straight. Your hair will just slide out.

It gets easier each time you do it however you can’t go wrong with it. Every time you put a Curlformer in you end up with a perfect curl!

 The Curlformers I used were long and narrow but there are also long and wide. Plus you can get short, long or extra long depending on your hair length. The started pack that I used costs just £39.50 and that’s a one off payment as they never break or melt.