Friday, 7 May 2010

Post removed - shoesonline4u

Hi Guys,

As you know i did a post on shoesonline4u. I have never shopped there and as you all know by now i have no affiliates with any company and have only recently received my first blog partnership. One of the comments on the post  for that company was from someone called Oliver (his blogger account isn't enabled so i cant contact him for any more details) He stated he had a very bad experience with this site. I have never used the company so cant comment on my experience with them however i have removed the post in case it's true and I'm sending my lovely readers over there like lambs to the slaughter. I have tried to contact the company but my emails fail to reach them for some reason. My advice would be not to order anything without emailing them first and getting a response, which is something i always do when dealing with a new company.

Have a great weekend and I'm off to catch up on your blogs!

Missy x