Friday, 5 March 2010

UK Mothers day giveaway!

A special treat for my UK followers! The lovely people at have offered to give two of their beautiful salt bars (Mt Fuji and Cafe Mocha) to 1 lucky follower!

Here's a bit about the salt bar:

"Salt bars are made with equal parts salt (I used very fine sea salt) to soap ratio. This makes a very very heavy bar slice which by our estimation lasts a fair bit longer than other bars, but it also gives some very lovely benefits.

Salt is a water softener and natural exfoliant. When added to soap the overall effect is described as if one is scrubbing down the skin with a very soft and gentle lotion. Very soft on the skin, the salt naturally sloughs off dead skin and the soap cleanses as it goes, which leaves your skin blissfully soft and smooth.

The added benefit of salt bars is they seem to suit every skin type; salt has antibacterial properties and therefore oily, blemished skin benefits from use; normal and dry skins benefit from the softening qualities, and even mature skin can be stimulated to become more supple. It is also said that salt bars perform the same action as body brushing and may help to increase circulation, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and tone the skin"

What mother wouldnt be happy to receive them as a gift - or you could keep one for yourself!

The only rule is you MUST be a UK FOLLOWER! just put this somewhere in your comment! This giveaway closes Sunday at midnight!

Here's some of there other items available to buy:

Sugarplum Bath Bomb £1.50

Hathor Bath Milk £4.50

(my international followers - there's a FABULOUS item i will be giving away next Mon that you can enter so dont miss it!)