Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Hot this week: Redfoot shoes

Redfoot foldable shoes are nothing new however i'm in love with the sex and the city inspired shoes!

Miranda - £39.99

Samantha - £39.99

Charlotte - £39.99

Carrie - £39.99

Which shoe is your fav? i'd love the Miranda one but i have really narrow feet which makes flats a big problem for me. If i decide to get a pair i'll be sure to review whether they are suitable and comfy!
They also have this adorable zippy boots that actually protect your back whilst looking good opposed to the damage ugg boots may cause.


the top zips off so you can wear them tall or short!


Kate said...

Wow those shoes are so cute - and they so match their characters! I think I love the charlotte ones best xx

betz said...

these are too cute. i love Carrie. i can totally see her in that!


Diane said...


Well, Samantha is my fav character but I'll have to go with the Charlotte shoes :)


Kristiana V said...

My fave are the Miranda ones, definitely!

michelle_ said...

cute flats !

Iva said...

I think the first pair is so cute!

Marla Singer said...

love the first flats! gorgeous purple color <3

zupu said...

I adore the first pair, I'm crazy about violet these days!