Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Hot this week : Passion Boutique

Notice the name change of this post? I realised that i'm posting about all sorts of fashion boutiques and shops that it was time for a name change!

I found Passion Boutique purely by accident and i'm glad i did! There items are a little more pricey but i think they are well worth it:

Kelly Ewing Herringbone Ruffle Detail Dress Coat - £170.00

Kelly Ewing Black Ruffle Detail Dress Coat - £160.00

Gina Bacconi Burdundy Mesh Panel Gown with Bead and Sequin Detail - £145.00

Black and White Taffeta 3 Piece Suit with Diamonte detail - £80.00 - anyone else see Victoria Beckham in this?

Forever Unique Stunning Black and White Contrast Dress with Red Belt Detail - £60.00

Black Beaded Necklace with Diamonte Bow Detail - £20.00

Pink Satin Gina Bacconi Purse with Bow Detail - £50.00

I'm going to be seeking out new and exciting fashion items so if anyone has any suggestions let me know!