Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Designer Delights : Jet by John Eshaya

I'm obsessed with all things John Eshaya so this is more like my wish list! (plus it doesnt hurt all the celebs are obsessed too now does it)

The cult favourite thrashed jeans as worn by Fergie $185.00

Blanket Jacket Available in ,Striped black/ heather gray, Dove gray, Camel and white - $143.00

I want them all!

Striped Cardigan as worn by Nicole $90.00

Side Button Cardi as worn by Ashley - $154.00

Tail Shirt as worn by Nicky Hilton - $100.00

All from Boutique to you. As you all know i'm slightly nervous about ordering items from Amercia as the UK tax the hell out of things coming into the country otherwise i'd be snapping tonnes up from this site!