Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Sugar Doll Award! - thanks Mica :)

After a very crap day at work (found out my job wont exist in a year!) i was thrilled to find i was given this award by my dearest friend Mica of the siu jiat. If you havent seen her blog, pop over there and become a follower!

I have to tell you ten things about myself so here it goes:

1) my favourite colour is purple

2) I've never watched twilight.

3) I love to cook

4)I'm rubbish at doing my own hairstyles! (anyone know a good hair blog?)

5)I've found my soulmate

6)My ringtone is if i was a rich girl by Gwen Steffani

7)I nearly didnt start a blog as i didnt think i could compete with everyone as they are so good!

8)I'm always cold.

9) I cant drive

10) I cant walk in heels (trust me i've tried!)

I'm passing this award to: