Thursday, 22 October 2009

Trend Tracker - Piping details

This trend proves it's all in the details as piped items lead the pack on the catwalk:
Plus Emma Watson uses her piped dress to enhance her figure:

Here's my trend tips:

* Make the most of two trends at once by wearing zipper piping details!

* Curvy girls can use piping to help flatter there figures

* There are some great piped accessories so use them to play up a plain outfit

So i cant actually walk that well in heels but i'd be very happy with these on!


becca. said...

love the bag and the shoes!
great advice!

Pixel Wild Child said...

Everything is gorgeous in this post! I love it ;O)

Sher said...

Oh the Marni shoes!!!! Simply fabulous!! It'll be like walking on clouds:)

ELVIA said...

emma looks amazing!!! :)

i like zippered piping and that accessory from asos is lovely! i want! i love the hot pink color! but idk if i could ever wear it because it looks like you'd need to wear gold jewelry w/ it and i haven't bought any gold yet. i'm still in my silver jewelry mode and i don't have much $ now to start buying gold. i wana be a gold and silver person for more varieties of clothes/accessories.

but great post and recommendations. xx.
- elvia