Thursday, 15 October 2009

Trend Tracker - Studds

Ok so studs have never actually ever been away from the catwalks but i thought i'd share my tips on carrying this trend through Fall/Winter.

Trend Tips:

* There's no need to go all out rocker when wearing studds, Even something as simple as wearing a studded belt to a girly dress really makes a statement a la Carrie Bradshaw:


Evans Belt - £15.00

Coast dress - £95.00

* Studded dresses look great of an evening, but dont think you need to covered head to toe in them:

Miss Selfridge dress- £40.00

* Want to go for all out rock chick? then team a studded leather jacket, with studded boots or a studded clutch:

Miss Selfridge Jacket - £110.00

Office boots- £100.00

Mac C Bag - £35.00

Designer Lust : Miu Miu studded clutch - £275.00

I dont own anything by Miu Miu and this would be the perfect place to start!


Couture Carrie said...

Gorgeous post, darling!
I love studs, especially on belts!


SUGAR said...

i love the idea of toughing up a delicate dress with a big bad studded belt like ms bradshaw

dynamite ;)


Pixel Wild Child said...

Once more a great selection of wonderful things... especially that blue dress... how beautiful is that?

Jennifer Fabulous said...

I love that green dress. So pretty and classy!

kpeach said...

I feel like that belt sparked it all! xx

becca. said...

i love the miss selfridge dress
studs are amazing.
love blog too :)
would you like to link exchange?

the Siu Jiat said...

i'd love to own a black jacket that's covered with studs! it 'll look so cool yet chic & fashionable!

I was shopping ard yesterday & spotted this girl with a very lovely jacket that's fully sequinned. She placed all emphasis on the jacket (which is cream-white in colour) by matching it with a black denim tight jeans. Pretty!

Couture Cookie said...

I like studded belts, but am a little careful with going too crazy... don't want to end up looking like Nancy Spungen. All of these guidelines are very true - less is definitely more when it comes to studs.

Sher said...

Oh I love Carrie's studded belt and I adore the green dress she's wearing too! I read she named the belt Roger or something:P

Emily Cato said...

I love studded belts! I need a new one, mine is falling apart!

That clutch is awesome! It's my favorite!

Lola vee said...

can't get enough of studs!!
Miu Miu clutch is my favourite!
Amazing blog! ♥ love your style!

Toothfairynotes said...

oh I like Miu Miu! I have 2 pair of shoes from the brand... one is amazing! the other one hurts like *bleep* hahaha...


Tights Lover said...

I love the belt and the boots. Great post!

Stace. said...

thanks, I can't wait to start my new job :) cute blog! x

Karobaro said...

I love that Miu Miu clutch!!

Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Great post. And if you felt like ever buying that Miu Miu clutch and posting it my way...feel free baby!!!

lol xxxx

Jessica Ly said...

love the miumiu clutch!be sure to check out my blog and leave a comment!:) xoxo