Sunday, 6 September 2009

On Sale Sunday : ASOS celeb special!

Even though it was payday last week i'm still in the mood for a bargin so check out these goodies at ASOS - All under £10! I love there "in the style of" feature too.

ASOS Leather Suede Fringed Toe Thong Flat Sandal was £15.00 now £8

In the style of Lindsay Lohan

ASOS Sequin Full Skirt was £45 now £7!

In the style of Kelly Osbourne (i'm not convinced this actually is anything like her skirt!)

ASOS Sateen Bow Front Corset was £30 now £9

In the style of Kimberly Stewart (i'm very impressed by the likeness!

ASOS Sequin And Bead Fabric Headband was £10 now £5

In the style of Mischa Barton


Girl With The Golden Touch said...

Brilliant bargain! I need to check this sale out!


ELVIA said...

i like the headwear! x.

Emma Louise Layla said...

I bought the black sequinned skirt for £45. Dammit, I hate not waiting for sales!