Monday, 21 September 2009

Label Lust : Eva Longoria Parker in Faith connexion

I'm in love with this dress!

Available from shopthetrend - $225.00

Here's some highstreet alternatives

Peacocks - £25
Oli - £48

I LOVE maxi dresses! Just a shame the UK never gets enough heat to wear them!


SUGAR said...

damn our crappy weather!! i love maxi dresses, but im way too short to wear them ;)


Pixel Wild Child said...

I think the idea behind your blog is great! I will be around following your proposals for fashion! ;O) I love long dresses too, I am just too short to look good on them!!!
Have a nice day ahead!

mel said...

eva's style is fantastic.i'm also fan of desperate housewives :p

Emma said...

She looks great it that dress, wish I could pull it off :P

The Siu Jiat said...

They've got nice silky floral ones here @ this brand called Forever New. But doesnt fit me - i shld have done more basketball or sumthing - i'm way too short 4 these dresses. Pity~~~

omg a red-hooded coat sounds appealing enough! do upload some pics of it! i'd like to c it :)

not much planned 4 the week. essays mainly. n a steamboat dinner with housemates over the weekend probably. urself??

o n i've updated my blog abt Peter Alexander's break-up choc and rosewater hand creme! do check back when u're free :)

Dylana said...

Such a chic dress! Perfect for summer or under a huge cargdigan for fall!

Yofany said...

my gosh,. love it!! :D
anyway, thx for comments, new post! :D

issa said...

great maxi dress!

janettaylor said...

Incredible, but not my style because I'm really small lady. ;-)

P.S.: Thanks Ur lovely comment! See U soon.