Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Designer bags for less

This will be my last designer bags for less post i'm afraid. I noticed that i dont give enough space to Couture! Whilst i know we are all feeling the credit crunch, a girl needs to dream of Miu Miu bags, Prada purse's and YSL heels! I dont know if anyone will miss the bags for less feature but if you do let me know and i might squeeze in a few each month.

Fendi Tote from net a porter - £1,340(sold out)

Highstreet Version

Debenhams - £25

Alexanger Mcqueen from net a porter houndstooth tote - £995

Highstreet Version

Peacocks - £12

And my final one:

This Chanel clutch that Carrie will be seen using in the new SATC film:

Highstreet Version

Republic - £22.99


FabBlab said...

I love the Alex McQueen!

janettaylor said...

I want the Fendi tote. YAY!


Desiree said...

The top Fendi is gorge!

the Siu Jiat said...

i love that classic, simple & back to basic look of that fendi tote!

n omg miu miu bags~~~~~i'd love 1!!!

Sher said...

Oh the clutch is very pretty! I need to get one, sad to say I don't have one yet:)

Caitlin said...

What great comparisons and finds!

CC said...

Love the Chanel Carrie had with her in SATC. Gorgeous! Fab post. :)

St├ęphanie said...

They are all beautiful !

Pixel Wild Child said...

I love the first bag... uhhmmm... just gets a bit out of my available budget... just a bit! ;OP