Friday, 21 August 2009

Steal Her Style : Hilary Duff in Tolani

I'm loving the new "wear a scarf with anything" trend started by Jessica Alba, Nicole Richie and Rachel Bilson. I adore this mauve scarf by Tolani (it looks like Hilary duff does too) and although i'm not usually a fan of anything that is dry clean only, i bought this scarf the moment i noticed it went on sale!

It's availbale on sale at for £28.39 reduced from £56.77 plus it's free delivery.

What do you think of the scarf trend?


ELVIA said...

that is a pretty scarf!

although i do concur with the "shop with warning: dry clean only" factor.

i'm actually a bit of a slave to gorgeously designed scarves. i have 2-3 scarves but i live in houston, tx and it never really gets cold here (unfortunately) so the scarves haven't come in handy yet. but i always look forward to fall/winter season (my fave season) so i could sport the scarves. yes! :)

Couture Carrie said...

Love the all-season scarf trend!
Fabulous post and blog!