Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Hot off the Highstreet : topshop tops it!

Topshop seem to have read my mind with there new checked shirts :

Woodland checked shirt - £28.00
Navy country check shirt - £28.00

Berry checked shirt - £28.00

These tops are just dying to be bought one size too big and thrown on with some leggings and biker boots ala Lindsay Lohan:

Talking of Lindsay isn’t this similar to the top she’s been wearing?

I wonder if topshop will be selling the black one she's wearing? it's not yet available on the US website yet either.


Loma said...

Hi Missy, welcome to the blogging world. I just found out about your blog and i like what i am seeing so far. I would love to ad one another as followers. Just let me know or you can ad me and i will do the same later. Just trying to network with other creative souls.


Hey Missy!
Good spotting about the top Lindsay has been wearing :)
I love the second plaid shirt, i want to get it! Its so crazy how i love this plaid look but i dont actually own any plaid because i just havent found the perfect shirt.

coco said...

I saw someone wearing the rose top yesterday, it looked really nice on.