Friday, 25 September 2009

Steal Her Style : Ashlee Simpson Wentz in black converse

Ok so after my last post i've been slightly more obsessed with celebs and converse. After some light research it seems the black all star is just as popular as the white:

So far i've found that Ashlee simpson wentz doesnt seem to wear anything else other than these converse! I've found literally tonnes of pictures of her wearing them, here are a few:

with thanks to the source

I'm still undecided since being told they are not that comfortable. what do you guys think?

Available in the UK at cloggs for £29.95 and at rubber sole for £29.00.
Both offer free shipping!


Pixel Wild Child said...

Those are not confortable? I don't believe a thing! I am sure they feel like walking in heaven... they look like! ;O)

Michael said...

I think their cool; go on, get yourself a pair! :D x


janettaylor said...

The last bag is really cool! I want it. ;-)


Couture Carrie said...

Everyone should have a pair of Converse!


LifestyleBohemia said...

I am a huge fan of Ashlee. She always looks great and she rocks the converse!
Have a great weekend!

The Siu Jiat said...

Converse sneakers are so so popular with the international students over here. My boyfren loves it heaps too. Most of his shoes are converse... I'm not sure abt how comfy they are, cos i've not got a single pair of converse all this while... my frens would be saying "WHAT?!". haha...

the fashion tip was good! i'd love to try it out... with skinny black jeans & heels - sounds sexy ;)

i'm updating abt yet-again-another shopping trip @ Peter Alexander and possibly about lipglosses! so do come back n visit!

Great weekend to you!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I would love to be able to pull off the converse look!!! I found your blog through Cat!

Allegra said...

oh yes, chucks are soo comfy! a must-have for erverybody!

Poppy said...

The last bag is lovely.

Sher said...

Converse are great! I remember having one pair that I wore almost every week, it's simple and goes with anything:)

Hope you're having a great weekend dear!

alwayslistentoyourart said...

converse are great! I have ones and they're really confortable.
there are also lots of models

Desiree said...

I love my converse kicks! <3

it's not her, it's me. said...

hey i love your blog! check out my fashion blog - it's not her, it's me. and i am selling some clothes and accessories as well as handmade crochet goodies here: check it out! xoxo ♥

Maria Confer said...

Black converse are the perfect wardrobe staple.

Patty Ann said...

hugeeee fan of converse
converse are like pretty much the only sneaker i'll wear!!! i have them in multiple pairs of the blue, white, and gray ones! yep im kinda obsessed

the Siu Jiat said...

Yep there was a subtle sweetness in taste & a lovely scent from the rose buds! Try it sometime - this beauty tea is worth it :)

hows ur weekend so far? met up with family n frens for a gathering?

zupu said...

I adore my black Converses!!!

I wish you a lovely sunday dear!